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Preston Rocks 


Welcome to our THANK YOU event for our KEYWORKERS in 2021 β€οΈ

🎸 This is a rescheduled event from 2020 and working with the amazing RIVA showbar, we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all our key workers by giving them a night to remember! Multiple artists to entertain you and make sure you let your hair down!

🎸  We would kindly ask that for our FREE tickets they are for KEYWORKERS ONLY. They are also restricted to 2 per person so PLEASE do not order more to give everyone a fair chance of obtaining them. We will be asking you your employment to make sure that only frontline workers who have looked and still are looking after us during the COVID crisis do get the free tickets for them.

Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing you in 2021! πŸ™πŸ™ 


You can also email us for any more information by clicking below 


A Personal Note from Sarah - Owner @ Fairydust Events

πŸ‘‹ Hello  

I just wanted to personally say a huge THANK YOU to ALL our KEYWORKERS who have worked tirelessly since the start of this pandemic in 2020. At the time of writing this in January 2021, the situation seems direr than ever, with hospitals reported being low on both beds and oxygen, and mental health for all at an all-time low.

I felt that this event was more important than EVER, to ALL those who have worked during this crisis, and in fact, STILL are, whether that be your supermarket staff, who keep the shelves full of the food we buy, to your electrician who is there to fix your problems whether at home or work, right through to our amazing NHS workers, Care Home, Police, Fire and even Prison Staff.

Those working on the COVID wards have seen some horrendous sights since the start of this pandemic and go to their place of work fully aware of the risk they take for themselves and their families, but STILL, they go to care for our loved ones!

I personally think ALL keyworkers do amazing work (my own husband is a keyworker, as is my daughter at the local hospital) and you are ALL heroes. For anyone who does not think that COVID is real I can assure you it is. We have lost friends to this awful virus ourselves, and as I write this we have one currently in hospital on a ventilator fighting to stay with us. I have also had close friends and family who have tested positive and it's scary times for all.

If I have one appeal it is this. PLEASE follow the rules, yes it's hard, yes it's frustrating, but for the sake of your own health and those, you love it's just something we have to do. We now have the vaccines, and there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, but only if we all play our part. For the entertainment and events industry, we have been hit incredibly hard, and we want to give you such a fantastic night to remember in November, but this can ONLY happen if we come out of lockdown and that means we need to follow the guidance, however much we may not like it.

Please stay safe everyone, look after yourself and your families, and once again, from my family and I a huge πŸ™ THANK YOU πŸ™ to all that you are doing, you are all angels and we are forever grateful. 

Lots of love

Sarah x β€

What Riva our venue is doing to keep you safe

At Riva, they are working really hard to ensure that all safety is only to the highest standards with measures such as: 

β€’ One-way system in place

β€’ Track and Trace – if you have the NHS app on your smartphone you can simply check-in, for those that do not they have a paper copy for completion.

β€’ Face Masks MUST be worn when walking around the venue, when you are seated at your table you are fine to remove them.

β€’ Max number in a table is 4

β€’ No household mixing permitted

β€’ No dancing allowed, the dancefloor has been removed.

β€’ They are offering TABLE service for your BAR and FOOD. . Cash and card are both accepted for the bar. You will be given your FOOD voucher on arrival on payment of your Β£5.

β€’ Sanitizers are available all around the venue.

As this is a huge space some 26.000 sq, so we are able to social distance safely - Due to Government guidelines, we do have to issue you with a food voucher on arrival - this is a cost of Β£5.00.


What you can expect

This is a HUGE event and both Fairydust's and Riva's way of saying THANK YOU to all the key workers out there within the NHS / Police / Fire / Private Care Workers / Prison Staff - who have kept us safe throughout the Covid 19 Crisis.πŸ™ 

Whilst in this COVID crisis, and with the incredible work you have all been doing, we know you will be ready to party like never before and we have the perfect night for you!

We have a wide selection of artists and bands to entertain you including the fabulous comedian RICKY LANE who is guaranteed to have you laughing!!

Please share this event with your friends who have worked so incredibly hard to keep us safe!

Our Charity Auction

We are very lucky to work with a fantastic company and our big events such as Preston Rocks.  

They themselves are a non-profit organization and help businesses such as ourselves by providing some amazing AUCTION prizes.   Funds raised from the auction *(we get 80%)* will be going directly to our causes for 2021,  North West Air Ambulance and Age Concern Central Lancashire

We know that times have been tough, and those pennies are harder to come by than ever, but we humbly ask for your support with our auction and to help us give those much-needed funds across to our amazing causes who despite everything have continued to help those throughout the year.  

BUT... We also have our first ONLINE AUCTION!!  Due to Fairydust, not being able to host events since March due to COVID restrictions, these means are monies raised are significantly reduced for this year.  Therefore, Charity Escapes has very kindly offered to help us with an ONLINE AUCTION, with some amazing prizes up for grabs to the highest bidder!!

From overnight hotel stays in luxury hotels all over the UK, to 3-course al la carter dinners there is a wealth on offer, and if you have not yet started your πŸŽ… Christmas shopping πŸŽ… why not have a look at our Auction page (click the tab below) πŸ‘Ž and find that ideal present whilst helping some very worthwhile causes.  


A Video from one of our Perfomers